Spring 2019 Semester

March Fast Track

Ministering Spiritual Gifts Training Prt 1

March 9, 2019 | 9am-3:30pm

Learn to move in prophetic revelation & authority:
• Divine source vs. divination
• Anointed intercession: shifting-breakthrough
• Declarations, proclamations & decrees
• Role of fasting in prophetic intercession

April Fast Track

Ministering Spiritual Gifts Training Prt 2

April 6, 2019 | 9am-3:30pm - Includes workbook

Learn to apply the revelatory gifts learned & activated in Part 1 to move in the demonstrations of the "Power gifts" of the Spirit.  All will be taught and activated to flow in the Gift of Faith, the Gifts of Healing & the Working of Miracles.

May Fast Track

Activating the Miraculous thru the seer Anointing

May 4, 2019 | 9am-3:30pm 

God is speaking to His people in dreams, visions and other visual revelations.  Learn how to activate the demonstrations of God in Signs, Wonders & Miracles through what He is showing you!

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