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Kingdom Kids: Ages Birth - Grade 6

We believe in training and equipping our children as early as possible.  At SOSM Kingdom Kidz, we believe that every child is designed by God to be a leader, to be someone who makes a difference in their world by having an influence through knowledge of God’s Word & development of spiritual gifts.  Our goal every Sunday is to partner with you to insure that your child develops into that Kingdom leader.

Nursery | Birth - Age 3

Our Nursery is a place where each child is received into a loving & nurturing environment, where your little one will experience the presence of God through exciting music, Bible-focused songs & stories, prayer and interactive play time through fine & gross motor activities."  Nursery opens Sundays at 10am service

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Sunday school | Pre-k - Grade 6

Sunday School classes begin after children participate in the Worship Service.  We provide classroom instruction in the Word of God as they learn keys to the Kingdom, activating the expression of their unique gifts and callings as soon as possible in an exciting, interactive classroom environment.  It’s our passion to teach young children to discern God’s voice and to release spiritual gifts at an early age.

Kingdom Kids Gazzette

The Gazette is a quarterly publication that facilitates and fosters expressive writing and commentary skills of Sunday School age children for the purpose of preparing and empowering them to seize the media as an area of influence with the Gospel, and affirming that what they say is important and makes a difference!

Kingdom Kidz outreach

Children age 5-12 learn to minister the love of God through music & song becoming an extension of Christ. While they learn to minister at a young age, they experience the joy of bringing the message of the Gospel to the senior residents at several locations.

Special needs

If your child has special needs of any kind please contact us ahead of time. At SOSM Kingdom Kids we want every child to participate in our classroom experience and accommodate any need they may have.