Advancing the kingdom of Heaven through
the art of dance.

Dedicated to worshipping the Lord through the art of dance.  Seek to glorify God in all aspects of our lives and praise dancing is another way in which we desire to please God.

Arts Ministry

We believe that praise and worship, expressed through Dance Ministers, Psalmists and Musicians, become one sound & one voice that glorify & magnify the Lord, leading worshippers into the throne room of God.  Dance ministry is a profound expression of our praise and worship, is prophetic in nature, and is an essential part of opening the portals of heaven. The Dance Ministers carry His glory and release His presence as they minister in prophetic dance.

As the atmosphere is charged, prophetic revelation flows, the sounds & decrees of heaven are declared and the supernatural manifests.

Kingdom Kids dance ministry

It is our belief that children are carriers of the presence of God and can be activated to release that presence as a dance minister.  Children will learn basic movements for prophetic and interpretive expressions as forms of praise, worship and warfare.

We hold 7-weeks of Summer Dance classes for children ages 4-10.